1W7-1 Rough Proposal

23 10 2007




To create a non-hierarchical collaborative work that represents, through innovative techniques and multi-media, the correspondence, correlation, conflict and evolution of two independent artistic visions.

To capture thought within a conversation, in its subtlety and violence, depth and shallowness, and to represent it through the merging of both abstract and familiar images.

To reveal the relativity of thought and experience, as seen by two unique minds.


To learn Flash, Motion and Ableton Live and to discover innovative ways of seamlessly combining it with video.

To experiment with other processes of collaboration, as demonstrated by other collaborative artists.

To study the processes of an art ‘Happening’ and recreating it within a controlled environment.

To investigate the dynamics that film and music share, and to apply music theory to film aesthetics.

To refine and develop my own artistic voice by merging typography, sound and video.

To study the theories of Deleuze an Barthes regarding the semiotics of meaning and image is consumed by mass culture.


To achieve what Virginia Woolf set out to do:

We should see thought in its wildness, in its beauty, in its oddity…We should see these emotions mingling together and affecting each other. We should see violent changes of emotion produced by their collision. The most fantastic contrasts could be flashed before us with a speed which the writer can only toil after in vain. (Woolf, 36)


Two films will be projected unto a singular room, inspired by the light and sound work of James Turrell. We aim to create an immersive environment by making the work almost a part of the walls and the floor. The viewer will be enveloped by the work, recreating the experience of one being enveloped in thought or feeling. The idea is to have the projectors behind the walls and the floor, creating a seamless illusion of imaginary space and thought.

The content of the work is also inspired by the digital work of Bill Viola. His principles on Humanism and Experiential Art are aspirations we hope this work achieves.


Merrell, Floyd. Peirce, signs, and meaning. London : University of Toronto Press , c1997.

Rafferty, Pauline. Indexing multimedia and creative works :the problems of meaning and interpretation. 2005.

Colebrook, Claire. Deleuze a guide for the perplexed 2006

Tony McNeill. Roland Barthes : mythologies (1957), University of Sunderland

Krapp, Peter. Deride Online. Intute

Van Proyen, Mark. On point. 2000.

An anthology : of chance operations… / by George Brecht…[et al]; editor, La Monte Young; designer, George Maciunas. [Munich] : Heiner Friedrich, 1970

Happenings and other acts / edited by Mariellen R. Sandford. London : Routledge, 1995.

Woolf, Virginia, “The Cinema.” In The British Avant-Garde Film 1926-1995, ed. Micheal O’Pray. John Libby Media (1996): 33-36Moussinac, Leon, ed. Sergei Eisenstein. Editions Seghers, Paris: 1964.

Being & time : the emergence of video projection ; Willie Doherty, Gary Hill, Bruce Nauman, Tony Oursler, Diana Thater, Bill Viola / organized by Marc Meyer. Buffalo, NY : Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, 1996.

Bill Viola : hatsu-yume = first dream. Viola, Bill, [Tokyo] : Mori Art Museum ; [s.l.] : Tankosha Pub. Co., c2006.

Poetry on & off the page : essays for emergent occasions / Marjorie Perloff. Perloff, Marjorie, Evanston, Ill. : Northwestern University Press, 1998.

Additional books about Maya Deren and James Turrell


1. Blog pages, conversation, drawings, photos and video will be exchanged. One being in response to the other until a language between two voices is formed.

2. The editing and the gathering of materials as well as research, will be done independently. The only interaction/shared space, shall be in reaction to each other’s work.

3. Daily documentation through photographs, one for the each of us.

Risk Assessment:

1. We must shoot in safe environments, and be mindful of our equipment at all times. Possible robberies if planning to take footage in dodgy neighborhoods.

2. To build screen that we can project our films unto. We must research how to achieve this to be able to create a sturdy and safe structure.

3. We must test all projectors and players before the show, and purchase surge protectors to regulate the electricity. We must also have a fire extinguisher close by as well purchase as a fire resistant blanket from the fire department as a safety precaution.



– research and begin experimentation with the blogs and video work.


– submit proposal and assess the positive and negative results of the experiments.

– come up with a consensus regarding the project.

– learn the necessary software required.


– continue shooting. allow the work to create the structure.

– assess that all documentation processes are in place.

– research for the PGPD Essay


– submit the PGPD essay

– present work to Andy and the group. ask for comments.

– assess the comments and recommendations. make adjustments with the process. additional research if necessary.


– Gather all the media together. Begin researching on the possible ways of presenting the work. Assess the feasibility. make adjustments.


– Finalization of the project. Building the structure for the presentation. Organizing the show.




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