Sticky Thoughts

26 10 2011

New ideas starting again.  Usually, it comes in the most unexpected ways.  A word, a phrase, a look, an image, a sound, a laugh, or the lack of.  This one came through this image – and from all places, the daily mail.  It could be because of the article – it could also not have been.  But something said, just grab it and look at it – and now I can’t stop.  It’s going to become something, but I’m not too sure what yet. It’s almost like a sticky note – a blank one unfortunately – trying to remind me of something I can’t remember.  A premature fetus saved from a car crash – that’s what it is according to the news. But to me, there’s more.

It’s a terrifying picture to be honest.  That thing will probably live in a cage for the rest of its life.  But then again, there’s a huge chance it won’t either.

Perhaps ideas are like that.  We rip them out of our guts just before they die – right before our attention is grabbed once again by another mundane thought or obligation. And sometimes despite our best efforts, they still die. Others, on the other hand, spend every waking hour of their lives being gawked at inside a glass bubble – or even worse being poked at with a stick. But then again, one lucky bastard could grow strong enough to be released into the wild.

I’ll never really know. But it’s worth a try.




One response

17 01 2013
Deanna L. Wilkinson

There just seems to be something completely compelling about that ongoing inner monologue of a boxer and the obstacles they tend to overcome that contribute to great tales on film, whether based on true stories or not. When picking out 20 sports movies to highlight on high-definition Blu-ray, the boxing titles stood out, and for video quality it’s tough to beat all of those closeups and slo-mo shots that ordinarily comprise a lot of the action.

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