1W3-2 Boundaries / Intermingling

30 09 2007



A Filipino Physicist, May Lim, just published a paper in SCIENCE Magazine last September 14 2007 on solving cultural and ethnic violence. Her mathematical model was able to predict with 90% accuracy, which areas around the world would have extreme violence taking place between differing ethnic groups.

It cited how violence and conflict erupted where boundaries did not exist or were not clear between groups. And how the intermingling of different cultures, where in no particular group was larger than the other, created peace. The idea was that where race and ethnicity, in other words ‘difference’, interacted no group could be large enough to impose its own cultural beliefs on another.

An article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, talked about how in our country that phenomenon exists. Where Muslim, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Catholic, Buddhist, intermingled in one market without conflict or violence.

This brings me to my project at hand. Met with Andy, our tutor, and he mentioned how boundaries are important to our collaboration. How by defining the space/role we each have, we can have the freedom to experiment. It is this idea of being free within a relationship. There is also this idea that comes regarding intermingling. That if our work intermingles, there is no way for one of us to impose our beliefs upon the other. This ‘true collaboration’ is what we hope to achieve. On our way but not yet there.


1W3-1 Sound

28 09 2007


Last Friday, I went to a tutorial by one of our friends, Nikolas. He’s been talking to us about how important sound is in our work and has actually wanted to collaborate (which would be great). But he stressed the importance of how sound takes up almost 70% of the power of the work (at first he said 90, and after much argument, changed it to 70). He spoke about how my work can change by being sensitive to sound. How images can change because of one listening to the nuances of the audio.

He taught us how to use Ableton Live, which is a terrific software. It’s much closer to FinalCut than I imagined, and allows the artist freedom in making music live, and recording it into the sequencer automatically. We have to do some homework for him (a one-minute music track) using the software.

What would be interesting is if Mosh and I (since we both went to the tutorial) created our music tracks and then placed them side by side. Maybe after we create the 1 minute thing, we can play with it, put it together, let it clash or whatever. Maybe this’ll be the jump off point of our work? Not sure yet. All is still chaotic right now. Will have to follow the process and see where this takes me.

1W2-2 Stuff I’ve Gathered So Far…

26 09 2007

Cerith Wyn Evans


Newest movie on the DOUBLE-FRAME

A collection of films that use ABSTRACTION

A collection of films that use the MULTI-SCREEN

1W2-1 Multiple Universes Exist

25 09 2007

From an article posted by the Press Association


Finally it has been proven, that multiple realities, multiple effects to ones actions, do exist. This is all based on the ideas of Hugh Everett on Parallel Universes. What interests me is the duality. How independent things can exist at the same time. And how changes in one can affect the other.

The idea is that there can be multiple versions of the self, multiple outcomes and realities happening simultaneously. That we exist in merely one version of the infinite possibilities that are taking place. And that these other realities are merely a millimeter away.

I remember Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon where multiple outcomes repeat cyclically, as though in a dream. Now it seems more like a reality, where one slips in and out of different universes, different versions of the self.

1W1-2 Inner and Outer Spaces

19 09 2007

Inner and Outer Spaces

Began reading about the Andy Warhol‘s use of the double screen. In his first double screen work, he used the two frames to represent both an inner and outer space, making Edie Sedgwick a point of perception. It reminds me of Virginia Woolf’s novel, The Waves, where 6 people look at one character called ‘Percival’. In that process, they revealed their own selves. The point of perception became a mirror, reflecting more of the inner life of each individual character. In a way, this is what I want my work to do. How? I don’t know yet.

1W1-1 Continuance

14 09 2007

Again, endless beginnings. Like the diaries I never complete. Pages and pages of opening words leading to more openings. The ending does not exist.

A new place to continue.  Where do private and public worlds meet? Here, I suppose. There is a first time for everything.

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