Personal Exhibit

21 06 2008

For our personal exhibit, there was much planning and coordination as well as problem-solving that took place. First of all, since we were exhibiting in a corridor, getting permission from John Carbery was quite difficult. I had a meeting with him to be able to get permission to hang our screens using braces, but he didn’t allow us to do so. He also told us that we needed to have a space of atleast 1.5 meters between our work. Since the corridor was 2.2 meters, we only had .3 meters for each of our work.

Because of that, Mosh and I had to put our heads together and find out how to do this. We could not use the screen stands, so we decided to create thin plinths which would house the CPUs as well as would be the base for the screens. Since there would be a danger of it tipping over, Mosh and I designed a way to both hinge the plinth to the wall as well as lock it down on the other side with a padlock. We also went to Whitten Timber, where we spoke to the son of the owner, James Whitten. He designed the plinths so that it could withstand the 30kg of weight without it getting unstable.

Mosh built the plinths, while I prepared the corridor space, which included asking for permission from Alain Ayers and the Admin regarding the removing of the canvas boards as well as the form boxes on the walls. Even after getting permission, preparing the space was still quite difficult. I was reprimanded for not warning the admin offices that I was going to begin drilling, even despite their admission that they knew I had permission to do so. After giving my apologies, I proceeded to remove the boxes.

I also received quite a degrading comment from the building manager. First, when Ryo was painting the wall and he saw that a drop of white paint went unto the floor, he turned to him and told him that he’d better wipe it off. Ryo respectfully said he would. After that, I decided it would be best to clean the floors and scrub the white paint off. I was on my knees scrubbing when the building manager came up to me and told me with a laugh that now there’s a new MA, Cleaning Floors. I was honestly, too tired to respond, so I didn’t and I just continued to finish the job. This was a good choice, since I was able to complete it and we were able to finish most of the work that day.

Thankfully, I was helped by many people in preparing this space, without whose help it wouldn’t have happened. Chris, Zai and Yan helped me paint and clean the floors. Ryo also helped me paint the walls. Dom helped me by drilling back the boxes into place. Much of this I owe to them. They really didn’t need to help, but they did and I am so grateful because honestly, I couldn’t do it on my own and Mosh was building the plinths for the rest of the class.

I realize now that this class is really special. People are exceptionally generous and all this couldn’t have happened if not for these people. I also realized that when problems occur, you just look at the solution and do it. Don’t look at the problem, look at how to solve it. And because of it, I have come out of it stronger and with an excellent space to exhibit the work.




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