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I am a Filipino digital artist currently residing in London. My background includes photography, animation and experimental film. My practice investigates the nature of consciousness through the digital manipulation of sound and image.

This blog is a record of my research and experiments for my current project.


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31 10 2007

I am intrigued by your take on the collaborative idea you feature here. Why not aspire – we come from so many directions, so many different places and inner spaces. Is this not a logical extension of the video film idea that has been kicked around? Perhaps you could get input from everyone you know through this link in time – this course. Ultimately, maybe by truly looking at each other we can see ouselves as we really are.
But, sadly, as with so many of these ideas, it takes belief, commitment and the support of others.


1 11 2007

Hey John, the film collaboration is our project proposal for the MA. You can read it in Katrin’s blog, and also my blog as well. The video film idea I proposed during the first chat was, I thought, an interesting way to get to know each other and maybe even an even more interesting way for everyone in our batch to show our work.

It’s far removed from our project, because the videos are going to be self-authored and self-generated by us independently, more like treating video as music in a sense- like jazz:)

1 11 2007

Hi John, the idea from the MA forum to use one film and pass it along was from Mosh, who is my collaborative partner. Our undergraduate thesis involved using abstraction (mine in color and his in black and white) of an inner reality of a shared place (a particular market place back home), at a particular moment in time (within the course of a month). We studied the relativity of experience in that project, and how thoughts and ideas affect each other. We decided to take it further with this joint MA proposal.

This new work will consist of an organic dialogue between the two of us, revealing the evolution of one’s thoughts focusing on the collision and conflict within its discourse. Unfortunately, I was never really able to expound on it on these pages.

Thanks for your comments and hope to hear more of you and to see the progress of your work.


29 10 2011
Tom Rogers

Very cool

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