What lies above us

2 11 2011

We’ve won.
We’ve lost.
We’ve failed.

We’ve armed ourselves for battle.
We’ve harmed and hurt each other.
We’ve come home with empty hands.

But did we not do it to find
the eye of the ocean,
the unsurmountable wave,
the imagined kingdom?

How it flutters above us.
How I scratch and claw at it,
my mouth salivating, my jaws snapping
hard against the wind.
Catching, biting, holding nothing.

How it flutters above us.
How you spit and hiss at it,
your hands clenching, palms sweating
hard against the wind.
Grasping, touching, tasting nothing.

We tried keeping it safe.
We tried polishing it, hiding it,
even throwing it out.

But it won’t go away.

It shines above us
as if we never forgot who we were,
as if we will always be children.

This sprung not from a touch.
Its breadth spreads beyond
the brush of wings,
beyond life, beyong time;
After life, after time.

This encumbers not,
nor can it be encumbered.
Even at our pain.
Even at our failure.

This exists not in happiness.
This just exists.
And there is more.


Sticky Thoughts

26 10 2011

New ideas starting again.  Usually, it comes in the most unexpected ways.  A word, a phrase, a look, an image, a sound, a laugh, or the lack of.  This one came through this image – and from all places, the daily mail.  It could be because of the article – it could also not have been.  But something said, just grab it and look at it – and now I can’t stop.  It’s going to become something, but I’m not too sure what yet. It’s almost like a sticky note – a blank one unfortunately – trying to remind me of something I can’t remember.  A premature fetus saved from a car crash – that’s what it is according to the news. But to me, there’s more.

It’s a terrifying picture to be honest.  That thing will probably live in a cage for the rest of its life.  But then again, there’s a huge chance it won’t either.

Perhaps ideas are like that.  We rip them out of our guts just before they die – right before our attention is grabbed once again by another mundane thought or obligation. And sometimes despite our best efforts, they still die. Others, on the other hand, spend every waking hour of their lives being gawked at inside a glass bubble – or even worse being poked at with a stick. But then again, one lucky bastard could grow strong enough to be released into the wild.

I’ll never really know. But it’s worth a try.

Lost and Found

26 10 2011

Found an article I wrote 10 years ago…do the math and you’ll know my age! It’s almost as if my younger, kick-ass self is kicking my butt right now. I re-read it – and although at the time it was published I cringed and felt as though there were so many things I could’ve edited (I sent my first draft and bazinga it was printed the next day) – I love the passion, the energy and the heart of that kid. Not to mention the lack of cynicism and the desire to change the world! Seems like I can learn a few things from my less than jaded self.

Posting this as a mental note to self – yes, please do not forget.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 16, 2001, full article

Metro Manila Bombing, January 2001

Processing Online Tutorials

19 04 2008

Daniel Shiffman, professor tat Tisch School of the Arts at NYU basically publishes all his tutorials online.  Learning from here.  Best place to start.







Daniel Shiffman also created a project I am quite interested in, combining a pollack inspiration with interactivity.  See video below.


Jared Tarbell’s Complexification

19 04 2008

This seems to be one of the best, if not the best sites with Processing. His work is more than amazing, it is simple, subtle and reminds me of something Peter Campus said at a talk I went to at the Tate Modern. Art should be ‘transcendental.’ His work does just that.


Happy Place

*Please click on the image to view the interaction.

The work above basically shows particles seeking each other.  Brilliant.  The one below shows particle collisions.

Bubble Chamber

*Please click on the image to view the interaction.

And this one, I particularly love about creation and destruction.

Binary Ring

*Please click on the image to see the video.

Basically, if I can create something like this I would be over the moon.  What interests me, are the congruences between what he uses and the earlier research that I have done on particles, particle entanglement, the combination of drawing, interactivity and video.  All of a sudden, I feel that my work is coming to a point where everything is meeting and I am beginning to understand.  Now, it is about getting the work done, following through and basically working out the kinks in the system.  Seeing this work is not only inspiring, but moving.  It reveals how much potential this medium has for inciting experiences viewers have the chance to finally feel.

Robert Hodgin’s Flight404

19 04 2008


*Click on image to see the video.

From Hodgin’s Solar I figured that I can use sound in my interpretation of the project. The sound can not necessarily be modulated, but used as a sort of trigger for mini explosions that take place within the viewer. Like how we react to stimuli, and experience it not in the mind but in the body. The idea is to have these explosions take place, and through these chemical reactions, colors change and perhaps create a more interesting combination of transformations and ‘infections’ between the viewers.

Magnetic Ink

*Please click image to see video.

I think the brilliant thing about his work, and how he is personally pushing this Processing medium is in his unique interpretation of sound. Though, I personally do not want to use music in the work (though after seeing his work it is quite tempting), I feel that the natural sound from the installation space would suffice as triggers of the experience. This was also an idea that Jonathan Kearney gave me during our tutorial with him. In a way, this eliminates the possibility of it becoming a music video, and becomes something more subtle, that can exist in a gallery space.

Advanced Beauty

*Please click image to see video.

Mark Rothko on Expressing Experience

13 04 2008


April 12,2008

“I’m not an abstractionist. I’m not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on.”


“The fact that people break down and cry when confronted with my pictures shows that I can communicate those basic human emotions.. the people who weep before my pictures are having the same religious experience I had when painting them. And if you say you are moved only by their color relationships then you miss the point.”


“I don’t express myself in my paintings. I express my not-self.”


“It was with the utmost reluctance that I found the figure could not serve my purposes….But a time came when none of us could use the figure without mutilating it.”

National Gallery of Art Washington


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