Working Structure

10 02 2008


Installation Sketch

From our discussions, Mosh and I found that coming up with one unanimous or even third screen would defeat the entire purpose of the project. We realized that the opposing screens would be the best way to create the installation. This way, the audience has to focus on one piece of work at a time, though the two interact. Like within a conversation, where one’s focus shifts from one person to the other, so with this work.

Preliminary Methodology
The installation also echoes the preliminary methodology that we came up with.


Interactivity Sketch

And for the interactivity, Mosh came up with an idea of using lasers that intersect, one from each of the work. It will be like the pieces are invisibly connected and once that line is broken, various disruptions take place. We thought of the two lasers so that there could be three variations. When each of the lines is broken, something happens. When both are broken, something happens as well. The pieces will be moving subtly until they are ‘disturbed’, or until one of the lines are crossed.


1W12-3 Storyboards for Experimentation and Further Work

2 12 2007


These are the storyboards I made for the individual work, both the black and white and the colored experimentation. I wanted to communicate a simple idea, and to use a few elements in the creation of the work. Bill Viola also mentions the power of the image and the camera in expressing consciousness:

“camera breaks from the eye

camera as nose

camera as ear

camera as hand

camera as insect

camera as consciousness.

camera as microscope

camera as telescope”

-Note, 1980 (1994:52)

Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House



With this idea, I wanted to express this idea of consciousness on the image. Here are further developments of my storyboards for the coming experiments. I will be using a combination of compositing and possibly animation.




1W12-2 Preliminary Installation Sketch

2 12 2007


Mosh came up with the idea of the third image, a sort of merged image. If we can achieve the interactivity, this is probably where it’ll play out. The audience will be causing disruptions/evolutions of the two films.

The idea was also inspired by the immersive environment that Bill Viola has in his work. In a way, we want to achieve this same multi-sensory experience.


Here is another sketch of the work.


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