Colloquium Presentation

10 06 2008

We had our colloquium presentation. Here is the video of ours:

We had to collect everyone’s work, which took a bit of time, so we weren’t able to burn it on a singular DVD. Plus, the formats all differed, so this proved to be a problem. The thing was that the audience questioned this. One person was particularly bothered that the presentation of the work was not on a singular DVD and that the technology (meaning computer desktop) was visible between the presentations. I suppose this is a small element, but it did bring to my attention that how we present the work is of utmost importance. Even though the presentations over-all were quite good, and students put a lot of effort into them individually, it’s still so very important to make sure that it is presented well to the public. I suppose regarding these things, the audience can be quite unforgivable, but this is training for the real world , where professionalism is the key. For the final show, I am keeping this in mind. The details are very important and must not be overlooked.




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