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29 06 2008

my name is ellie, Iam a 3rd yr drawing student.i posted on your wiki page,i dont know if anyone has seen it.
I run alittle minimal techno night at the redstar. since the birth of DANZSHLAG were it started in devon i have been intersted in fusing art and music but quickly realised the most effective and appropriate is digital arts. i would lovel people to play with the space, projection installations etc. is there anyone who is interested in trying out their work in this environment? it could be a case of simply submitting work for our show reel. if anyone was really keen i would like to give them free reign to do what they liked.
do contact me via email, thanks,ellie

21 08 2008

Hi Katrin,

Meet you at Anna’s party last sat, here is a link to my stuff 🙂

All the best


11 09 2009

hi katrin…. i like ur post ..peace 😀

17 09 2010

Thanks adjie!

7 12 2010

The work in the gallery is better than awesome!!!

26 10 2011

Thanks, John:) Sorry, been really busy and only saw this now.

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