1W6-1 Tutorial Reflection

19 10 2007

Had a talk with Andy regarding the work and he pointed out a lot of good things:

1. Our idea of having the collaboration as an ordinary and even ‘mundane’ conversation between two films is good. And how we must refrain from getting too stuck on designing the process. To allow it to be as spontaneous as possible will be its strength.

2. The presentation of the two works as two opposing fields is something we should look at. There is something about the tension idea that he raised that interests me. To somehow expose the tension between two things – how two objects both oppose and attract (the idea of mass and gravity) each other is quite exciting. I have to research this and perhaps figure out how that can relate to the form of the work. How the work will be presented.

Another idea he raised was interactivity. He suggested using sound, motion, heat to detect the audience which will trigger the films. I have a better idea. Touch. Will look up pure data to figure how to do this. If I see there’s some real possibilities to this, I’ll freaking make it happen.

3. The idea of beginning a discourse with mosh, my partner, online. Perhaps to begin the experimentation by replying and reflecting on each other’s thoughts, images and ideas via these blogs. I want to create an online reactive experiment. Will ask him about the jumpcut.com idea and see if he wants to do it.

My thoughts on the whole thing is:

I am questioning the idea of authorship and control. There is a deep fear of letting this go. Let’s not go into the psychology of it, but it is frightening. Andy got our Tutorial sheets and exchanged them. He gave me Mosh’s paper and he gave Mosh mine. I felt…out of control…like I didn’t have my questions. And at a certain point, I had to let that go. I had to say, alright, just listen to the guy and forget all that you have in your head.

It was both freeing and scary to be honest. And I suppose this is what’s going to happen with the work. When I throw Mosh my stuff, he can do whatever he wants with it and that freaks me out. It’s like being in kindergarten and someone gets your notebook and starts coloring it with some crazy crayola color that you don’t like (like those pink glitter ones or whatever).

I guess it’s a control issue, but to get this work done, I can either take it two ways. Reveal the conflict, or let it go. Honestly, I’d rather reveal the conflict…because it’s more honest and I never ever believed in a freaking perfect world anyway. Anyone who disagrees? So sue me.

Another thing Andy did was to talk about getting out of our comfort zones. Basically, I feel like he’s trying to create some paradigm shift here…think out of the box…blah,blah,blah. He asked us to create without using the things we love so dear…my use of color…the camera…he said to do something else. Think of a new way to do it. And it hit me that my work, my videos, in a way, the techniques I use could somehow be a crutch. That I’m almost blind to it. Even the way I edit. That perhaps since I’ve been doing it for so long it’s become almost a repetitive cycle. Like relying on things that work. A particular style. And the only way to grow is to let it go and then go back to it.

This is a big change for me, but I think he’s doing me a favor.

Here are Mosh and my papers just to show you how different we are and how our papers were exchanged:


My notes are on the right but has Moshe’s name on it.

After that, Andy gave back our papers, but this time, to the right owner. Meaning I got Moshe’s comments and he got mine. Strangely enough, I took back the one with my notes on…but today as an afterthought, I thought of looking at his.

His had only a few, but I guess it’s like a window into Mosh’s mind. He wrote things I completely overlooked:


The one I didn’t even remember was the “Let the project give you the structure” bit.

I think this one is very very important.

I think what Andy’s trying to make us do is to listen to each other…to reflect…and to act. In a way, we have more work to do. We have to reflect on ourselves and on each other’s work. There are three people in this project…Me…Mosh…and the Work.

Let ze Frankenstein speak!!!

I am listening.




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24 10 2007

I agree on the exchange, the dynamic of the passing on material and writing on it- maybe we can do that with FinalCutPro files, sound files. We can exchange FCP projects with all the layers intact. Remember our conversation last night? I thought Eisenstein and the pioneer video artists of the 60′ and 70’s had something in common, like an understanding of what the moving image can be in terms of artistic expression- it also underpins what Manovich is talking about, the hybridity and the remixing. This malleability I think is still scratching the surface- maybe our collaborative experiments can be designed to figure out the “DNA” of new media. I think the design of the software we’re using is very conducive to collaboration- yes, we can make endless versions, multiple layers and a variety of effects on our own, but what if we go and pass things around without this authorship dagger hanging above our heads? What if?

26 10 2007
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