Curation and Coordination

21 06 2008

I curated the MADA show with Adriano Casanova, and working with him was brilliant. Not only did I learn a lot, especially about being firm and making quick decisions, but also how to organize the space and to think not only of each artist’s work and needs, but the entire class as a whole. Here is the text we wrote for the brochure of the show:

‘Fluid Identity’
an art exhibition from MA Digital Arts

‘…images are mediations between man and world. Man “ex-sists”, which means that he has no immediate access to the world. Images are meant to render the world accessible and imaginable to man…Images have magical meaning.’ (Vilem Flusser)

The twenty-seven artists from the show ‘Fluid Identity’ create images to communicate their research of society through technology.

In this show, the interaction between the digital platform and the human being is the unique vehicle that articulates how our identity is always in constant flux.

Being a part of a generation that faces an endless barrage of information and intense socio-political change, these artists use technology as a powerful weapon to create a statement. They ask and answer the questions, ‘Where are we going?’ and more importantly, ‘Where do we want to go?’

This selection of work deals with this issue in an informed way, translating these constant interactions into a fluid environment.

The intention is not only to be a college exhibition, but an exposition of how a group of active individuals create – with poetry – artworks of meaning.

Adriano Casanova
Katrin Maria Escay

FLUSSER, Vilem. “Towards a Philosophy of Photography”. 1983.

Here is the floor plan that we decided upon. Adriano made this in Illustrator:

Honestly, I couldn’t have done this without him. He was incredible with the planning and we worked very well together, organizing the space and coming together to find solutions during the show build was great. We had to make many on-the-spot decisions about how to install the works, moving equipment, etc… Especially because of the rules of the building manager, and the lack of equipment, there was much thinking on our feet. And somehow, the class really pulled through.

All this couldn’t have been done if not for several other people who were tremendously generous with their time and effort in building things for the entire class. These were Moshe Ladanga, Nick Buer and Lucy Blackwell. Moshe built all the plinths for the entire class with the help of two part-timers Chris and Zai, who painted and drilled for the rest of us. Nick Buer also built some plinths, but went on to paint the corridor and Katsura’s room (since she could not be there). Lucy Blackwell was amazing. She basically looked at all the details and solved it independently, regarding the blacking out of the light as well as buying the black cloth for the Drawing room. She also took on setting up the work of the other onliners. This couldn’t have been done without her.

The other people who also gave much of their time were Dayoung, Sharon, Nikos and Chrysanthos. They painted walls and cleaned up the space as well. Dom was also very helpful, helping us with the coordination with the building manager (which was a very important aspect) and he even lent us all of his tools. He came in and drilled for us, despite it not being his own space. Even the others who came in late in the week, put in a lot of work when they came, like Ryo, Yan and John Baugh. Tim also arrived to help paint for the afternoon.

Despite all the last-minute changes, the class really pulled together and I am quite proud of everyone. Everyone did a tremendous job.

I have also been coordinating with Sean Clark for the MA08 website, and all the work he put into it is great. This can be found on




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