1W2-1 Multiple Universes Exist

25 09 2007

From an article posted by the Press Association


Finally it has been proven, that multiple realities, multiple effects to ones actions, do exist. This is all based on the ideas of Hugh Everett on Parallel Universes. What interests me is the duality. How independent things can exist at the same time. And how changes in one can affect the other.

The idea is that there can be multiple versions of the self, multiple outcomes and realities happening simultaneously. That we exist in merely one version of the infinite possibilities that are taking place. And that these other realities are merely a millimeter away.

I remember Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon where multiple outcomes repeat cyclically, as though in a dream. Now it seems more like a reality, where one slips in and out of different universes, different versions of the self.




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