What lies above us

2 11 2011

We’ve won.
We’ve lost.
We’ve failed.

We’ve armed ourselves for battle.
We’ve harmed and hurt each other.
We’ve come home with empty hands.

But did we not do it to find
the eye of the ocean,
the unsurmountable wave,
the imagined kingdom?

How it flutters above us.
How I scratch and claw at it,
my mouth salivating, my jaws snapping
hard against the wind.
Catching, biting, holding nothing.

How it flutters above us.
How you spit and hiss at it,
your hands clenching, palms sweating
hard against the wind.
Grasping, touching, tasting nothing.

We tried keeping it safe.
We tried polishing it, hiding it,
even throwing it out.

But it won’t go away.

It shines above us
as if we never forgot who we were,
as if we will always be children.

This sprung not from a touch.
Its breadth spreads beyond
the brush of wings,
beyond life, beyong time;
After life, after time.

This encumbers not,
nor can it be encumbered.
Even at our pain.
Even at our failure.

This exists not in happiness.
This just exists.
And there is more.




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