DVD Team Leadership

3 06 2008

I volunteered to be the DVD Team leader for the MA Final Show. Working with the team was quite smooth; Nick Buer became in charge of the DVD mastering and menu creation, Moshe Ladanga did the MA Slideshows and Editing, and Nikolas Almpanis, the sound authoring.

The difficulties that arose from the creation of the DVD were in dealing with the late submissions as well as some coordination with other MA’s. As expected, there will always be this part of the work, which taught me a great deal. I learned a lot in terms of negotiation as well as being assertive regarding deadlines and what can cannot be done given the amount of time we had. Another great lesson was to always be organized and to learn how to delegate. Because of this, we were able to get creative with the DVD and the design was excellently executed by Nick and Mosh.

My task was to interview students and faculty and to get some tours of the building. I was not able to get a hold of enough faculty, since this is the busiest time of the year, so I am still contemplating whether to include it or not. This taught me a great lesson as well in learning how to juggle my personal project and the demands of things that need to be done for the whole. In a way, this is great preparation for the real world where in I will be juggling my artistic life as well as my work. What I learned the most was to prioritize well, and not to take on more than I can handle. Where there is a big job to be done, get the right people in your team. I am very very happy that Mosh, Nick and Nikos were in the team, their perfectionism, technical and creative skill as well as generosity were invaluable.



The videos above show the footage that I gathered, edited by Moshe Ladanga. We also had to incorporate other footage from another MA, Maryam Ouji, as well.  Here is the Menu that Nick and Mosh made together:





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