Technical Research and Development

1 06 2008

Basically, I have been researching, learning and implementing Processing for my project. It has been both difficult and rewarding (the beginning was hard, due to learning the language) but now, it has gotten easier as I am now understanding how it works. I started with a bit of code which was created by Golan Levin. It’s a presence detection code, which allows the computer to sense how many new objects enter the frame. Here is the original code:

By reading the book of Ira Greenberg called Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art, I realized that I can add an additional element to the code which is the Alpha Factor. By studying the chapter on Bitwise operations, I found that I can use this with a much faster processing time, this way the interactivity becomes more immediate.

I decided to use the Alpha factor because I wanted to create a color blur, more like an imprint of a presence rather than of the presence itself. I wanted to create a void between the viewer’s expected image of themselves and the image they actually see. Through this difference, the viewer will begin to question the meaning of the experience…therefore, creating an experience with the work itself.

Here is the code that I changed:

As seen above, I added the Alpha Factor through bitwise operations into the code. This way, the presence detected is layered on top of itself, blurred color presence.

I also was able to debug the program by creating a loop within the code, so that as the layered image reaches a maximum point, it returns to its original form. At first, I couldn’t figure out why after a time, the image turned completely black, then through Moshe’s suggestion (he said quite simply that the image was layering unto itself until nothing could be seen), I figured out that I had to create a loop. So I wrote this bit of code to allow the program to return back to its original commands after it reaches a certain point.

I realize that there is still so much to learn about Processing, and to be honest, I feel I’m only beginning to understand the possibilities of this environment. But now, knowing how to do it, I can see that this can be achieved.




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