External Exhibitions

15 05 2008

Through one of my experiments in the 2nd Assessment, I was able to take part in three external exhibitions. Here is the work that was shown:


1:27 minutes


This work explores the contradictions we experience when we touch. Like the work of Bill Violo and James Turrell, I explore ideas of consciousness and perception by posing the question, ‘What is it that you see?’

This film was selected at the Audiovisiva 5.0 in Milan, Italy,

at Future Film at the Camden Arts Centre,

and at Sharp Shorts 08 at the University of the Arts London.

Joining these festivals proved to be quite exciting as well as a good practice for professional development. How to present my work and the context of the piece was something that I had to think about carefully. It was a good experience all around. At first, I didn’t think that what I write about the work was just as important as the finished film. But when I attended the Camden Arts Centre Film Showing, I realized that many viewers really take what is said into account. I realize now that research is not just important for in developing the idea of the work, but in contextualizing how this work is seen and understood as well.

I think after this MA, I will definitely join more.




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