Robert Hodgin’s Flight404

19 04 2008


*Click on image to see the video.

From Hodgin’s Solar I figured that I can use sound in my interpretation of the project. The sound can not necessarily be modulated, but used as a sort of trigger for mini explosions that take place within the viewer. Like how we react to stimuli, and experience it not in the mind but in the body. The idea is to have these explosions take place, and through these chemical reactions, colors change and perhaps create a more interesting combination of transformations and ‘infections’ between the viewers.

Magnetic Ink

*Please click image to see video.

I think the brilliant thing about his work, and how he is personally pushing this Processing medium is in his unique interpretation of sound. Though, I personally do not want to use music in the work (though after seeing his work it is quite tempting), I feel that the natural sound from the installation space would suffice as triggers of the experience. This was also an idea that Jonathan Kearney gave me during our tutorial with him. In a way, this eliminates the possibility of it becoming a music video, and becomes something more subtle, that can exist in a gallery space.

Advanced Beauty

*Please click image to see video.




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