Jared Tarbell’s Complexification

19 04 2008

This seems to be one of the best, if not the best sites with Processing. His work is more than amazing, it is simple, subtle and reminds me of something Peter Campus said at a talk I went to at the Tate Modern. Art should be ‘transcendental.’ His work does just that.


Happy Place

*Please click on the image to view the interaction.

The work above basically shows particles seeking each other.  Brilliant.  The one below shows particle collisions.

Bubble Chamber

*Please click on the image to view the interaction.

And this one, I particularly love about creation and destruction.

Binary Ring

*Please click on the image to see the video.

Basically, if I can create something like this I would be over the moon.  What interests me, are the congruences between what he uses and the earlier research that I have done on particles, particle entanglement, the combination of drawing, interactivity and video.  All of a sudden, I feel that my work is coming to a point where everything is meeting and I am beginning to understand.  Now, it is about getting the work done, following through and basically working out the kinks in the system.  Seeing this work is not only inspiring, but moving.  It reveals how much potential this medium has for inciting experiences viewers have the chance to finally feel.




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