Shine Interview: Director Kimberly Peirce

13 04 2008

Director and writer of ‘Stop-loss’ and ‘Boys Don’t Cry.’

Advice to Women Directors:

‘…they need to accept that that’s the job, that you are the central storyteller and that’s what everyone is going to look at you for, your casting director, your producer, your studio, your actor, your editor. So the advice I’d give to women is the advice I’d give to all young artists: just keep following your curiosity. Be relentless about it, it’s a privilege to make art so you have to earn that privilege and learn your craft, and if you’re super committed and talented, I believe you’ll make it.’

Recommended Films:

“Battle of Algiers”
[This film] has been something that I just lately have been returning to and returning to and
returning to. I think stylistically its so raw and immediate, I love the close-ups of the faces you get and I love the sentiment of the women who are dressing up and willing to go in and drop these bombs. It’s just this quest for human freedom and change that’s just so powerful.

“8 ½” and “La Dolce Vita
It really was amazing to me when I watched those movies when I was younger and I was like, wow, you can write movies about love and sex and life and it can be raw and they can feel the way life feels when it’s lived. That was amazing to me.

by Anne Ichikawa, Shine staff, on Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:29am PDT




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