MADA 2 – Preliminary Tests

19 03 2008

These are the tests we did to test the video loop. As seen on this video, an ordinary frame becomes a hall. If we include the frame of the screen, the effect will be similar.

This second one shows how it would look if there were a viewer. Here, hands are used, but these tests are so we can imagine if they are viewers, how would the experience be.

For the third test, we moved the camera on its side. It created an escher cube effect. Meaning if the audience entered in one direction, it would seem as though they are entering from all. Playing with this with Puredata, altering the direction of the video feed would happen in real-time.

For the fourth, the camera was turned upside down, creating a disconcerting effect. One’s image comes from above. The later part of the video shows the effect of turning the camera, which creates an endless swirl, and the zoom creates abstraction. Altering all these details will change the image completely.

And for the last preliminary test, two imacs were used. This proved that the feedback look between two computers does work and does affect each other in real-time. The particularly interesting aspect was that there was a lag time in the looped images.

I have been thinking that perhaps if we do alter the time, and make it lag even more, more interesting results could come about.

These tests gave me a taste of what the possibilities are with this technique. For MADA 3, I will be testing these further to figure out what particular techniques I will choose for my screen.




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