MADA 2 – Experiment 3 and 4

19 03 2008

For experiment 3, we used 2 adjacent projectors as seen below. Here, the light leaks in the room proved to be a problem. The image and the feedback was not as clear. For the final installation, we need to find either a small space or we need to build a large enclosed space/box if we do use projections.

Because of this, for experiment 4, we used the small room near the studio. We projected them unto two parallell walls which is how our final set up will be.

We will have to mount the projectors unto the ceiling or perhaps create a rear projection for the final setup. Here are some screen shots from experiment 4.

experiment-4-5.png experiment-4-4.pngexperiment-4-1.pngexperiment-4-2.png


After discussing the issue of light and projection space, we also had the idea of testing out using television screens and making them part of the installation as sculptures. This we will be investigating and testing in MADA 3.




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