MADA 2 – Experiment 1

19 03 2008


Mosh and I have developed the work into 2 interlocked video feedback loops. Two cameras will be pointed at each other’s screens creating feedback and anything that comes in between the camera and the screen becomes a part of the work.

This is where the idea of having the viewer as subject comes in. Here is a video of our first installation:

This basically illustrates how the installation is going to work. Looking at the test, I realized that the angle of the camera and the zoom plays a big role in its effect on the image. We experimented with both fast and slow movement, and the effect is like ripples going into the abstract.

During this test, we also found that using two different techniques on either side of the screen is going to work. We tried using the most basic set up of having one screen in color and the other in black and white and what we found was that the screen in color produces a colored figure with a black and white background. Here are screen shots from the video found above.


IMAC 1 (top) IMAC 2 (below)

We also tested the set-up with an MA Printmaker, Preeti Sood. Here are some of the screen shots of her experience.

After the experiment she suggested for us to put change the techniques every five minutes or so, to give viewers a broad range of experiences.

What I found particularly interesting was how she preferred when the screens were different. Like when one was black and white, and one was in color. She also liked the technique wherein one was abstract (with a distortion filter) and when the other was ‘normal.’ The screenshots are below:


IMAC 1 (top) IMAC2 (bottom)

Another particularly interesting reaction from Preeti was the fact that she found it disconcerting that she could not see her own image upon looking at the screen from certain distances. This echoes the painting of Magritte, Reproduction Prohibited, when the man looks at himself and sees his back. This idea of consciousness is what we aim to convey.




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