Seeing Double – Pushing the Work of Olufar Eliasson, Gary Hill and Nam June Paik

16 03 2008


double eye

Random International work for Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson’s Eye(s). Berlin.
Summer 2004


I have been analyzing the work of Eliasson, Hill and Paik with the intention of pushing their work further. They all create installations with the intent of expressing vision through the viewer’s experience, but because our work is a collaboration, there is an opportunity to push the medium in a new direction. To present two different perspectives of the viewer’s experience.


The idea of showing a double projection with differing perspectives has evolved. Through the video feedbak loop, our different screens will affect each other in real-time.















My desire is to use technology to subvert it. To bring one’s perspective back towards oneself rather than just being a consumer of it. In a way, the only way to do it is to reveal what is inside…not to hide the technology but to expose it. To reveal that it is just wires and electricity.






In a way, it’s like comparing the cathode ray tube within the television to our real eyes. Paik and Hill have done this as well. They have used the TV screens as sculptures in themselves as shown in the pictures below.



(Top) Gary Hill
(Bottom) Nam June Paik



With similar intention, our collaboration seeks to do the same. We will be stripping two TV’s to reveal their cathode ray tubes and will be encasing them in plexi-glass. It would look similar to this except that instead of a clock, it would be TVs.





These two TV sculptures will be put across each other representing two perspectives of a singular space. As the viewer crosses the threshold between the two, the screens will change depending on his or her distance from either screen. We will be using infra-red sensors and Puredata to control this interactivity.










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