Puredata as Consciousness

16 03 2008


Got an idea after our workshop on Puredata with Ed Kelly. Basically, he was telling us that Puredata can react in terms of a curve instead of it just being triggered with a yes and a no. This way, as the audience approaches a particular screen, things don’t automatically change like a switch. But it can change in a curve-like manner, meaning it all of a sudden transforms quickly when one hits a certain point.

This led to the idea of programming a sort of personality to make it seem like it has Artificial Intelligence.


This sort of experience would add to the curiosity and the mystery surrounding the installation. Perhaps, as the viewer gets more curious, and spends more time, discourses can open up about what it is they are viewing, why their image is changing the way it is and the nature of the differences between the two perspectives.

This is leading me to question what kind of interactivity I would like to program into my screen. How would I change or transform the image of the viewer and for what purpose. It all boils down to getting more specific about what it is in particular that I want to say so that I can merely use the technology as the vessel to communicate it.

This simplicity of experience is what is necessary for me to create a strong piece of work.




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