Jonathan Kearney and Gary Woodley

16 03 2008

Had a cross-course tutorial on DIGITAL ENVIRONMENTS with Jonathan and Gary.

Jonathan gave some good advice. He mentioned that with collaborations, you also have to find what is similar between the two, a sort of union of sorts. He mentioned that with his marriage, there are some choices that are not open to him, but these choices make him more of himself.


Jonathan Kearney

Gary took the opposite perspective. Stressing on the necessity to show the differences between us. He mentioned several collaborations that broke up, and after that, the artists have to pick up the pieces. Sort of like find out which part of them was which. He said how basically in collaboration, one may lose one’s personal identity.

Gary Woodley
720 dpi archival print size A2, 2004.

I personally feel that it is about finding the link between the two. Perhaps where Mosh and I are similar, but at the same time, how we are different. In a way, I want to speak about this PARADOX. The paradox of relationships. How different we are and yet, how similar. How independent we are and yet also how we also need each other. Definitely, I do not want to go down that road of picking up the pieces and losing my identity, but at the same time, I also do not just want to have two artists exhibiting work beside each other. Perhaps there is a more intuitive way to go about it.


Mosh and I talked and basically came up with the idea of the feedback loop with two screens that will be interpreted individually. But since it is a feedback loop, whatever change I do to mine will automatically affect his and vice-versa. Perhaps this may be the solution.




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