Barbara Rauch

16 03 2008


Handscapes, Barbara Rauch

Had a tutorial with Barbara Rauch and it went very well. She gave some suggestions for our project:

1. Simplicity. We have to choose something simple and strong regarding the transformations of the images from screen to screen if we are going to make a final work.

2. Show our experiments. We can use a dvd or a blog to show our experiments and how these interactions can differ by using different filters. Perhaps we can show this through a VIRTUAL LAB.

3. Use the digital medium to capture CONSCIOUSNESS. She said the mind does not have the capacity to look upon consciousness, but through this medium we can achieve it.


4. Check out these theoreticians and practitioners: John Jones, Bruce Nauman, Gary Hill, Oron Catts, Susan Trangmar, Laura Marks, Julia Scherr, Elena Cologni

5. In our final proposal, express how THE VIEWER IS THE SUBJECT.

6. Get viewer feedback. Can be done through papers, interviews, case studies.

7. Ask ourselves: WHAT DO WE REALLY WANT THE VIEWER TO EXPERIENCE? What do they get out of it? This plus the viewer feedback will inform our choices for the final piece. Also ask ourselves: WHY ARE WE DOING INTERACTIVE WORK? Why not a film?

8. Check the following URLS:

Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr
Jennifer Willett, at Uquam Montreal
Elena Cologni
Mark Hansen in Aberdeen April 25.

Actually checked out the sites and found the work of Oron Catts to be absolutely amazing. He deals with Bio-art as seen below. This piece is called victimless leather where they grow their own leather from organisms gathered from research labs. This is a coat without seams. It’s both disturbing and amazing at the same time. It makes one think about why we have to kill when we can now create.


Mosh and I started to discuss all that we had seen and talk about and we realized that we really have to question WHAT IT IS WE REALLY WANT TO SAY. Sometimes I get lost in all the technology and I forget that to make the work truly powerful, it must come from something clear and precise. This is what we are currently reflecting on now: WHAT IS THE MESSAGE? HOW DO WE SAY IT?

She also loved the idea of our exposing the cathode ray tubes. She said we’re on the right track and to keep on going. Let’s hope so:).




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