Mike Faulkner

15 03 2008


Mike Faulkner came to the studio to give us a presentation and to look at our work. He gave several tips regarding our work.

1. ECHOING – slow down one screen 90 percent, while the other stays at 100 percent. He mentioned that the reason we use double-triple-quadruple screens is to get a bigger space. So if we use a bigger space, we must do it meaningfully. And the idea is that one side echoes the other at a different speed. Another way we could also do this is to echo the sound from left to right, or to use the movement not only of image but of sound from one side to the other.

2. TIME – the idea of creating a panorama so show the movement of time. Doing this creates the illusion of space. By using just one video split into several screens, one can give this illusion of time moving from one space to another.

3. FRAME – Here he also mentioned framing. If one frames something as a square, one must ask, why a square? Why not a circle?

4. MUSIC – My sound reminded him of COLLEEN which he suggests i should check out.

4. SOFTWARE – He suggested playing with these software:


D-fuse D-Tonate




DVD STUDIO : Experiment with interactive menus. One can use various audio and video streams and to make multiple screens through the subtitles (tiff images). These can be animated as well. One can also play with different angles and audio (language setting)

AFTER EFFECTS MOTION and ILLUSTRATOR : To get experimental and 3d images. Once can also connect certain sounds to key frames. One can trigger opacity and color as well through this. One can draw a path using AE and create loops for interactivity.

STITCHER : Play with stitching different images together



FCP : Attach sound to image, then compose it like music.

VIMEO : hi-res youtube site




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