Puredata Research

8 03 2008

Regarding Puredata, found some tutorials on youtube as well so that it’s easier for me to start building things from scratch…and to experiment as well with the stuff for the interactivity in our project. Still have a lot of work to do but atleast these give a step by step approach to using the objects so we can play with them.

And here’s the second part of the tutorial.

We have a semi-working patch…but it’s using interruptor sensors. We still need to change that to using infrared ones especially since the project developed into one that changes depending on the movement (distance) of the viewer from the piece. Here’s the video mixer puredata tutorial I found that basically we’ll be using.

Mosh and I have also been working on changing the perspectives of the two screens. Since our work is dealing with perception, we are still following the original idea wherein two different perspectives on one thing interacts. The interaction was solved through the idea of the video feedback loop. Meaning if he changes something in his screen (whether it be filters or whatever..or even adding a new video signal) my screen will automatically be affected in real time since our cameras are pointed at each other’s screens.




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