Pushing Puredata

8 03 2008


Basically Mosh and I have been working on the idea of perception. How is it that we see not only with the eye, but with how it correlates to the brain….how is it that we perceive? Especially now, since we are looking into how we as individuals perceive and how do we interpret these differences with puredata?

It would be interesting to show how two individuals have separate perspectives on a singular thing and how these perceptions affect the other. I am questioning myself now. What is it that I, as an individual, want to say? And how can I push Puredata in order to achieve it.


Here is one of the latest experiments with Puredata that I’ve been looking at. Here the viewer interacts with smoke. This program is amazing.

Right now, I am analyzing ways to push the technique so that the interactivity becomes more intuitive. There are several techniques that I’ve experimented with. One deals with turning the camera on its side, giving an image of an escher cube. Meaning if one enters in one direction, one finds multiple images of the self coming from different directions.

Other experiments deal with playing with color filters while Mosh keeps his black and white. The effect on the two screens is that one sees one’s self floating around a black and white world in real-time.

All these videos can be found on the prototype posts. Now I must find a way to choose and refine which technique I shall use for the interactivity in this project.




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