Drawing Experiments

9 02 2008


Drawing Experiment 1

With this piece, Mosh and I just started drawing on a single piece of paper. We didn’t make up any rules, and we just did the whole thing pretty silently. To be honest, it was quite fun to just let my mind keep quiet for a bit. The great thing was that after, we both talked about it…and we noticed how we were both looking at what the other was doing, trying to sort of flow with the other’s technique so to speak. Mosh did the broad strokes and I started with the thin lines. He then started to do the lines as well, though in his own way. I on the other hand, started to shade the large lines and the curves to create depth. Interesting process.


Drawing Experiment 2

With this experiment, Mosh and I started drawing lines on two intersecting pieces of paper. We then started to move the paper around as we continues, creating intersecting lines. Then, we pulled the papers apart and started to draw dots where the same colors intersected. Mine is the one on the left, with the red dots. His is on the right, with the blue dots. We just thought this would be an interesting break from all the arguing;). Strangely enough, it helped. We realized we really are quite different and the best way to create this collaboration is through bringing these out on the same page so to speak. We don’t have to arrive at a unanimous decision.




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