Online Coordination

29 01 2008
Archive of the Online Chat Coordination:
A lot of details. We’ll be working closely with the onliners and it’s looking very good. Honestly, they are quite organized and they get things done efficiently and really well. I also liked the sites they showed me. Very interesting. Simple yet strong. Wondering how we can organize a way to merge the F2F and Online. And even more importantly, how do we come up with a consensus for the cross-course Final Show overall design? I’ve set up a wiki page to organize the Final Show, and all the info’s on it:

Many have begun to sign up, so it’s all just about waiting for the first meeting with all the other courses.

About the chat, Sean registered a website : which will encompass all the courses. As soon as I can get all the info to him, he’ll be able to put up the main structure on the site. Regarding getting the info, I definitely cannot do it all by myself. Went to Alain and found out that the best way is to go through all the student reps (for names, project details, jpegs, etc.) Unfortunately, getting everyone to send in their stuff could be difficult. Will ask Shaz if she could help me out. And maybe I can be a little ‘brutal’ as Andy said. Really have to begin asking for help on these things, otherwise I won’t have time for my project at all (which is the current state of things). I really do not want my work to suffer, so i must get organized and ask for help from those around me.

Actually, people have been really sweet…and are more than willing to help. So the solutions are: PRIORITIZE, ORGANIZE and REST. Time to sleep now…

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