Cross-Course Coordination : MA Abstraction Show

28 01 2008

Wikilink to the Abstraction Show:

Curated my first show with an MA Printmaking student, Siabhra O’Brien. It was the first of the test-site shows created to foster cross-fertilization amongst MA Courses. Not only did I learn how to collaborate with the other courses but I also learned  how important presenting one’s work is. It’s almost just as important as the creation of the work itself.

Created a page for the show as well, as seen in the link above. Despite all the emails and all detailed requirements on the wiki, still people submitted late and it became very, very difficult for us. We had to reprint the catalogues as well as the blurbs on the walls (which ofcourse when removed needed to be repainted.) Next time, also from advice from Andy, I have to put up almost ‘brutal’ deadlines. If you don’t submit by the cut off date, you’re not part of the catalogue. Things like this. It’s just not worth the stress and the exhaustion.

I also went about the space as everything was put up, and we got critiqued about how we stuck the blurbs on the wall without mounting them. After all the work we had done, painting walls, finishing the catalogue, creating plinths and organizing the work, that was the least of my concerns. I was just too exhausted to do it. But Sharon decided it was really important to really professionalize our work. And boy, did those small details make a difference.

Abstraction Catalogue:

Another one was that I had burned my work Anamorphic, and as Adriano saw it he said that it would be more powerful if the work was framed by the LCD screens completely, almost acting like a frame. I realized he was right, so I’m changing the dvd tomorrow. These small things cannot be overlooked. It’s like running the last leg of the race; every detail counts and adds to how the viewer sees one’s work. It’s almost like you try your best to think of everything, so that everything else becomes invisible and all the audience sees is the work. Even just now, I have to begin to imagine and think of all the details of our final work. How to construct it, problems with light leakage, things like that. They seem small, but actually, they are integral to the work as well.


The Sea, Video Still, NTSC, Katrin Maria Escay 07

Mosh’s work was gorgeous. He worked on it nonstop for a week and it shows. Sometimes I think that since I am handling too much and have too many concerns about everything, I don’t get to spend enough time doing my project. Honestly, I don’t think this is a good thing. And being beside Mosh, I do feel the pressure to focus on my own work just as much as he does. I cannot have crappy work next to his. So I have to figure out how to balance all this. To put my project first and to prioritize. This is very, very important.


Progress, Video Still, NTSC, Moshe Ladanga 08

The team also really pulled through. That was basically Shazy, Nikos, Mosh, Siabhra and me. They stayed through the length of the installation, and what was amazing was that people worked fast, efficiently and independently. Because we were all thinking, everything got done well and honestly, I am quite happy about it.

So for the Final show, I must learn to pay attention to ALL the details. And to make sure that we have a great team. With that, no matter what happens (things always do) it’ll be a success.




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