Andy Stiff

24 01 2008

Tutorial Form 24 Jan 2008

Learned a lot from Andy today. Basically, that I’m taking on too much as a student rep, so he’ll be pulling Gary and Dom to work with me as a team for the final show coordination.

Another good point was to ask the question, ‘So what?’ about our work. Why would it be of any importance to anyone?

Another one was to HAVE FUN! Crazy from a tutor, but I suppose, I’d been getting a little too serious and we all know that does wonders for one’s creativity.

Realized also how perceptive Andy was. Thought maybe he had like psychic powers or something;). He actually read our current collaboration to a T. He said how I was trying to bounce off ideas with Mosh but basically Mosh was doing his own thing, going deep into his own project… (I had never told anyone this) and basically, how I have to keep on doing it til I get through. I think it will, I hope it will, especially because I’m getting quite frustrated. Mosh has a different process from mine (which in the end would be a really good thing) but is quite difficult honestly.

Man Woman, Paul Cava


He works with his hands…finding what he wants to say by doing it and tweaking it. I work differently. I write and I go deep into one particular idea, then I see the image.

We’re coming from opposite poles. Is this good? If we focus on the distinction, on the tension, it would be more honest. Things don’t always really fit, but somehow, there is a fluidity. I talked to him about it, and actually suggested that we begin to draw together. I’m willing to give it a shot. Something new. Something that does not need us to think. We’ll try it out.




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