12 01 2008

La Jetee, Chris Marker, 1962


“On the tenth day, images begin to ooze, like confessions. A peacetime morning. A peacetime bedroom, a real bedroom. Real children. Real birds. Real cats. Real graves.”


Watched this film for the 1st time and what I found the most compelling thing about it was its simplicity. The entire 28 minutes was made of a series of photographs inundated by the voice over that seemed more like poetry than anything else.

Despite the lack of movement (there was only one when the woman moved in her sleep), the broken narrative seemed to hold my gaze. I could not look away. There is a feeling that I should do the same with this work. Not to fall into the over-importance of technique, but the simplicity of what I want to say.

It seems like this is what I keep forgetting. That it is not just about the digital, but more importantly, the content. It need not be so complicated. Like La Jetee, it could be a series of photographs dictated by a rhythm. I aim to connect, and not lose my audience in something so abstract and so foreign. How to do this with Mosh will be a challenge. There is much to do, but I must keep it simple.



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