1W12-1 Humanism

1 12 2007

“Works of art, though visible, represent invisible things.”

Bill Viola, Artist’s Talk, Tate Britain, 16 June 2006



The key concept of my work is based on the idea of Humanism according to Bill Viola. He said, “The failure of critical discourse today in art- …(is) it does not encompass the very, very human qualities of our emotional lives(1994:176).” This is one of the main reasons why I am creating my work. And his work and philosophy is something that I aspire to become and hope to emanate with this work.

He speaks a lot about the idea of the first image…the “retina burning” kind of image. This I am still searching for this for the work, and hopefully through the process and experimentation, I will find it.

All this deals with the recreation of an internal environment, something that will fully engage the audience from all of their senses. Viola calls this kind of work, the one that affects the body fully. This is what I hope to achieve with the work.





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