1W10-1 Experiment # 1: Collaborative Exchange of Work 1

12 11 2007

Mosh and I decided to make our first experiment into our MADA presentation. Realized that I work in layers. Several cycles take place. The first edit, I lay down my video. The second time I view it, I push the video. I allow the idea that I initially had to come out further, imprinting it into the image. And the third time, I begin to see how to further develop the idea. How to make things longer and simpler through elongation of pacing. It’s also where I see how the idea will grow…the development stage.

I have been experimenting with compositing and how using different layers with different keys creates the shifting almost transforming image that I want.

Another part of the experiment was the sound. Had ideas to further connect disparate sound to the image to bring meaning. Like the ideas of Eisenstein on combining a different object’s sound with the image to create new meaning. When sound and image coincide perfectly (like how we did it frame by frame) is something we should explore more. Mosh had the idea of putting the electricity sound on the video. I had the idea of matching it with the combination/collision between the two frames.

Interesting stuff. More experiments to be done. Still have to figure out how to speak more…

Another realization was that the ideas come as chunks, either from him or from me. Here, we began to create using the new process. He edits his side of the frame with pieces and elements of mine and the same with me. We took turns at the editing table, almost like jamming with a friend. It’s a tedious process, but it helps in putting the idea down, especially when you get an image in your head and its the most frustrating thing to put it into words.

The action-reflection works. You put the idea (create it) then you begin to understand what you’re doing, saying, feeling. The idea becomes clear. Like the disruption idea that I did with mosh’s video on my face. The thought in my mind is that I have to create more. So that I get this shit out of me. Sometimes I feel like my head will explode (an ugly sight). Must put it down and stop trying to get all intellectual with it, because sometimes, I don’t logically understand it, but it makes sense. I’ve got to stop thinking…do first…think later.




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