1W9-2 Pure Data and Interactivity

9 11 2007



Had a workshop this week with Ed Kelly on Pure Data. Above is a picture of the possible outline of the work we may do. Two adjacent walls with a third one, which is Moshe’s idea of how to sort of combine the two.

We found that we can perhaps trigger the work so that the interactions come through the presence of the viewer. Possibly triggering the third wall into creating a combined image of the two. Sort of like the audience arrives, becoming the conduit for the interaction.

The development is still in its early stages. Mosh had a suggestion to perhaps create the interactivity depending on where the audience stands. Sort of like, with whom they relate to more. He suggested some sort of grid as pictured below to sort of map out where the people are. Great possibilities for interaction. But to make it work, the images have to be quite simple…otherwise it could get very confusing.

I had another idea, which was touch. That things are triggered when the audience touches the screen (either his or mine). I saw a sort of ripple effect happening on my screen, sort of like the audiences hand will trigger a portal into the other person’s world. Ofcourse, there is the issue of whether the audience will be encouraged to touch the work (especially since that issually a big no no). Mosh though feels that this could end up just being a novelty and people won’t really get/absorb the work. Notably, a pit fall of all interactive work. So we must keep this in mind.

Tim also suggested to us to buy an Arduino Board if we really want it interactive. We must decide soon and look into learning this…




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