1W8-4 The Wisdom of Emptiness

4 11 2007


Hannya Shingyo is the shortest of all Sutras, but it teaches the most basic philosophy in Buddhism, which is KU or Emptiness. http://www.paperscissorsstone.com/hannya.html

Ultimate wisdom (jñana in Sanskrit) refers to a direct realisation which is non-dualistic, and contradicts the way in which we ordinarily perceive the world. The experience of ultimate truth or emptiness is beyond duality.

It is important to remember that emptiness here does not refer to nothingness or some kind of nihilistic view. Emptiness refers to the fact that ultimately, our day-to-day experience of reality is wrong, and is ’empty’ of many qualities that we normally assign to it.

Describing this non-dual experience in words is not really possible, as language is based on duality and contrasts. Trying to explain this experience – which contradicts our normal perception – is a bit like explaining colours to someone who is born blind; difficult to say the least.

(From “The Wisdom of Emptiness” http://buddhism.kalachakranet.org/wisdom_emptiness.html)


Sound, thought, image flow together to create the Zen Mind and body.
“Form is emptiness , emptiness is form”
“Shiki soku ze ku, ku soku ze shiki”

Was thinking that this is where our work can go. The non-duality of things. Since the film will be about parallel realities, it could end up saying the opposite. Much to think about.




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