1W8-2 The Level of Discourse Has Been Raised

1 11 2007

Today was the first critique, and they discussed our work for 2 hours. The rest went fairly quickly, with maybe 10-20 minutes per person. (The meeting was a total of 4 hours.)

There was a great level of debate about content, the idea of our personal relationship, and even about the organic methodology that we are planning to do and the way in which we are going to assess our own work. A big part of me thinks this is saying that we are on the right track.

I do not want to make a piece of art that people will agree with and say “oh that’s nice” and “oh its like this artist or other”.  I have found that the most radical pieces of art are the hardest to swallow. Those that make people think. The last thing I want is a lukewarm piece of work that will be forgotten.

So let’s bring up the level of discourse.

Bring it on.




2 responses

1 11 2007

The violence was very interesting- we really tapped into something here. It reveals various prejudices- academic, political, sexual (or to be more specific, gendered/engendered),philosophical- it sort of became a vacuum, where we became the objects. I remember Bunuel’s Objects of Desire, where the female lead does a visual Orlando to break the male gaze and reveal it.
Let’s do this:)

1 11 2007

I like the idea of being ‘art object’:).

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