1W8-1 Deep Collaboration

30 10 2007


Came across this deep collaborative project One Giant Leap by filmmakers, Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman. It is a collaboration that spans the globe in scope and includes music and a film.

Their process is both unbelievably organic, epic and incredibly moving. They’ve gone around the world with their digi cam and laptop and allowed people to jam with each other by letting artists who would have never met listen to each other and jam along. The result is beautiful.


They pulled together things that would not have naturally mixed…including philosophers.

This kind of collaboration is what i aspire to do.

The other very important thing that they did was that they all had something to say. The content of the communication is so important. What’s interesting about the collaboration…since it happened with different languages is that the musicians did not necessarily know what the others were literally saying, but they followed the movement of the music, the rhythm, the sound, the tempo, the pitch. Was thinking of how I could do this with image…with Mosh. That I need not necessarily understand the literal meaning of the image, but follow its form, or the tempo, rhythm, the movement within the shot. These I believe would deliver a greater impact in terms of meaning. The repetition. This would in a way would transcend the literal meaning of the picture/image which is culturally bound (since meaning and semiotics rely on ones cultural context as well).

Must study the basic language of cinema…probably the jumpcuts in 400 blows, the juxtaposition in Battleship Potemkin, the closeups of Joan of Arc, the repetition in Measures of an Afternoon. To use these elements in communication, rather than the overused ‘semiotics of an image’.




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