1W7-4 Talking Back

25 10 2007


Today, I’ve decided to trust the process. I will give in. I won’t resist. I feel my head a little clearer…a little more order here…I will do this as a daily practice…as often as I can. It almost creates a space for my mind to clear itself up. And strangely enough…also a sort of neutral ground for mosh and me to speak:


from Moshe’s Blog

Basically, I responded to his comment on my tutorial, by posting my comment unto his blog.



It was strangely intimate…almost sexy. And most important of all, it was fun. And maybe that’s what Jem Mackay was also saying about ‘morale’ being an important, almost essential part of any collaborative environment. This is his work, creating platforms for collaborative works to take place and he gave us 5 elements present in successful collaborative environments.






And another idea he tossed in was IMPROVISATION…the theater technique where in there can be no negation of the other. In this live technique, all the players agree before hand that no one will negate the suggestion of the other, practicing a ‘yes’ technique. It’s sort of like adding unto someone else’s idea…no going back…only forward.

This of course goes against the collaborative process of Cornford and Cross. Proving that so many different kinds of collaboration exist and can work. It all depends on the context. The entire process of C and C is the negation of the other…until an idea…one that goes beyond them both…is left standing. Quite interesting to study the idea of improvisation as well. What are its pluses, its minuses. What are its rules? But this will have to wait for another blog.




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