1W7-8 Multi-sensory Learning

25 10 2007

The key to interactivity is the fact that we are multi-sensory beings.

The question of immersive environments, like films, is the fact that there is hearing and seeing. Interactivity brings a greater possibility. Doing. And mixing typography adds another element, reading. It’s experience in all levels, which is exciting.

I found a clip of the latest teaching techniques (for babies) that allows 18 month olds read books to their parents (of course there can be a lot of debate about this, but for a book lover like me, I don’t see how equipping a child with knowledge can in a way harm her). But for the sake of research, here’s the clip:

This doctor experimented on his own babies. Seriously. He’s been interviewed by cnn, msnbc and other news channels. But what struck me about the technique is seeing the original video he showed his baby (in the middle of this following clip).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was as though he was forming memory with a mini-dv camera that included the spoken word, the written word and action. The experiment proves that we do not learn through the logical a-b-c method, but through a multi-sensory one that includes action. Somehow, by engaging with the object, an experience is formed, and learning accelerates.

Something I must research further.




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