1W7-5 Trusting the Process

25 10 2007


Karel Fonteyne

Stumbled upon photographer, Karel Fonteyne’s work and honestly, I was intrigued by his process. He said that he really doesn’t know the meaning of his work, until he begins doing it…like trusting the process. He follows the same action-reflection methodology that the course is suggesting, and looking at the work, it’s very powerful. In a way, it makes one go beyond one’s own perceptions…expressing the experience of a thing rather than one’ s limited initial perception.

Experience deepens. Perceptions do not. Perceptions can only change through the reflection upon experience. For it is only by being mindful about a situation that any sort of shift can take place. That’s why some people never change…despite 50, 60, 70 years of experience…or why some do the same thing over and over again (mistakes and all) banging their heads against the wall saying, “why does this keep happening to me?” (I must admit, I am one of those people.) It is because of the lack of reflection upon experience.


If only we could approach everything with this almost scientific and inquisitive mind. To experiment, and then to question again, causing a growth or deepening in our perceptions of the world and ourselves. Perhaps then, an evolution of a greater order would take place. I can’t expect this of the rest of the world (it’s a mighty tough job, even for just myself). But ‘me’ is a good place to start.




2 responses

28 10 2007

I love this- the idea is so clear, and just between those two images you see the development and the clarity of his vision. Trusting the process can be also seen as effortless thin-slicing (Blink, 2005, M. Gladwell). We have to trust our minds and skills and let it go through the work as we develop it. I’ll expound on this on a post soon.

29 10 2007

Thanks Mosh. Was thinking that we can do this… trusting the process comes closer to the way Jazz Musicians jam (See the Miles Davis track on the right). Somehow by just doing, or acting, and then reflecting, we’ll find this organic process we’re looking for. Will post a video response to you. Something I’ve been working on.

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