1W5-1 Collaborative Platform : Jem Mackey

17 10 2007

Had a talk with Jem Mackey, one of the PHD students and looks like we’ll be using his work on collaborative environments for the work. He brought up very good points that we overlooked:






These were the things that created a successful collaborative environment, one that he is presently working on and practicing with his coming Swarm.net collaborative film. It looks like a hybrid of performance, filmmaking and installation. Very interesting.

But the point that struck me the most about the conversation was the idea that he brought up about IMPROVISATIONAL PERFORMANCE. He mentioned how none of us could negate the other…and I feel, this is the key to the freedom that we both aspire for in this work.

In Improvisational Theatre, no one can say no to a suggestion. It is spontenous, and one must make an idea or suggestion work. A suggestion, no matter how utterly insane, should be incorporated…almost like pushing the boundaries of one’s creativity. How do I react to this? How do I flow with it? Especially because things will be so unexpected. And I realize that this is somehow getting us closer to the desire of creating this ‘jamming’ thing…this jazz thing. Like a conversation…you cannot tell a person…don’t say that. A person says something (whether you like it or not) and you can respond (loathing or agreement is a legitimate response) but the thing is, one does not stop the other from expressing what it is they see…or one cannot say…”oh, what if you do it like this” which would create a gray matter, an undistinguishable mush of a collaborative work (like wet newspaper).

The idea is quite inspiring.

Or with jazz musicians, one does not say, only this chord..or this note…or this beat. It usually changes within the song, and this is what makes it fun. This is what I want.




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