1W4-1 Same Old Scene

4 10 2007

Same Old Scene by Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards

More thoughts on collaborations…especially since Mosh and I are trying to come up with a new way of working together.

We went to an MA Lecture from two collaborative artists. They created a short film called Same Old Thing and honestly, I was quite disappointed. I asked at the end of the film how they worked within this collaboration…and Rachel said, basically Richard tells her what to draw and she draws it. She said that the images in the films were not necessarily things that she would personally do. She said that he could basically connect more to even the ideas in the film (the spaghetti western flicks and the like).

I honestly found her personal work more powerful. She would draw on the walls of her house with pencil…and I thought this was beautiful, even moving.

Rachel Cattle

This is one of my fears. That our collaboration will end up being a weaker expression of our own individual work. I guess the title of the work also points to the ‘Same Old’ kind of collaboration, where one basically says what the other should do. In my opinion, this isn’t even a collaboration at all. We must find other examples of work that we can emulate or develop further. This one didn’t seem to work.




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