1W4-2 True Collaboration

4 10 2007


Oh my god!!! Found a collaboration that we can basically emulate!!! There is this film by James Scott and Richard Hamilton, called ‘Richard Hamilton’ and it was brilliant. The cutting, the ideas, the way it juxtaposed the art of Richard Hamilton and the workings of his mind through oftentimes hilarious dialogue was brilliant.

Watched the film at the tate modern, and then they were interviewed and it was everything that I had hoped. They said it was an organic process, that they both had ideas about what they wanted it to be…but they discovered things together and began to incorporate it into the film.

The only thing that I think I need to do is to talk to Mosh and figure out what it is we want to talk about. For this film, they talked about Richard Hamilton’s Art. And that created a point of perception…where both can basically put their creative juices to work.




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