1W3-2 Boundaries / Intermingling

30 09 2007



A Filipino Physicist, May Lim, just published a paper in SCIENCE Magazine last September 14 2007 on solving cultural and ethnic violence. Her mathematical model was able to predict with 90% accuracy, which areas around the world would have extreme violence taking place between differing ethnic groups.

It cited how violence and conflict erupted where boundaries did not exist or were not clear between groups. And how the intermingling of different cultures, where in no particular group was larger than the other, created peace. The idea was that where race and ethnicity, in other words ‘difference’, interacted no group could be large enough to impose its own cultural beliefs on another.

An article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, talked about how in our country that phenomenon exists. Where Muslim, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Catholic, Buddhist, intermingled in one market without conflict or violence.

This brings me to my project at hand. Met with Andy, our tutor, and he mentioned how boundaries are important to our collaboration. How by defining the space/role we each have, we can have the freedom to experiment. It is this idea of being free within a relationship. There is also this idea that comes regarding intermingling. That if our work intermingles, there is no way for one of us to impose our beliefs upon the other. This ‘true collaboration’ is what we hope to achieve. On our way but not yet there.




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