1W3-1 Sound

28 09 2007


Last Friday, I went to a tutorial by one of our friends, Nikolas. He’s been talking to us about how important sound is in our work and has actually wanted to collaborate (which would be great). But he stressed the importance of how sound takes up almost 70% of the power of the work (at first he said 90, and after much argument, changed it to 70). He spoke about how my work can change by being sensitive to sound. How images can change because of one listening to the nuances of the audio.

He taught us how to use Ableton Live, which is a terrific software. It’s much closer to FinalCut than I imagined, and allows the artist freedom in making music live, and recording it into the sequencer automatically. We have to do some homework for him (a one-minute music track) using the software.

What would be interesting is if Mosh and I (since we both went to the tutorial) created our music tracks and then placed them side by side. Maybe after we create the 1 minute thing, we can play with it, put it together, let it clash or whatever. Maybe this’ll be the jump off point of our work? Not sure yet. All is still chaotic right now. Will have to follow the process and see where this takes me.




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